Important Warnings

Screen Recording
Note that screen recording will occupy more space due to the HD attachment.
It is kindly recommended to perform maximum 5 recording activities in case of 20 external or remote network connections while you are recording within the same network.

The underlying reason is that each screen recording may affect the system as well as your network as it remote connection was ensured.

Full Screen Watching
Please attach importance not to activate full screen watching more than the value of 3. Although there is no restriction on this regard, the full screens opened more than 3 may lead to deceleration in your admin PC according to the status of RAM and CPU.

DesktopGate client records the activations made by the personnel working in firms and institutions in accordance with the purchased licence properties.
Each firm has a direct right of monitoring and inspecting its personnel.
The personnel should be clearly aware of the fact that they may not use the computers, mobile phones and other tools belonging to the firm for their own behalf.
The firms or institutions should notify this principle to their personnel or indicate such principle on the job application agreement.
DesktopGate client may not be used for special purposes or in an unauthorized way by the ones apart from the firm personnel. If used, the responsibility belongs to the person or persons using the client in such a way.

Usage Requirements
A convenient computer should be provided in terms of RAM and CPU values according to the number of PCs to be monitored for the Server PC required for DesktopGate Server.
For example: such properties as RAM 2 GB, CPU Core 2 are sufficient for a firm whose number of users vary between 0-50.
There is no restriction for a DesktopGate Admin PC; however, please attach importance to use such simultaneous applications as activating full screen monitoring according to RAM and CPU properties of your PC.
There is no restriction for DesktopGate Client.