What is Privacy Policy?
Our Privacy Policy, DeskGate, which is the developer of the DeskGate Software, includes how it collects, uses and saves various information it has collected from users of the website; in addition the whole of rules depending on under which conditions it will explain and with whom it will share this information.

DeskGate attaches great importance to the safety and integrity of information of our users.DeskGate is responsible for safety of any information given confidentially by users to it. This site does not cater to individuals under the age of 18.

Information we have collected
DeskGate persons may collect a variety of identifying information as individual from the users.

All online forms used in the product and service order and all the other forms within the scope of this site for which entering information is requested from users and applications are covered by this definition.

DeskGate may gather information on how our users are using our Website;
for example, information related to which pages of our site users pay more attention and which services draw much more attention. In the same way to observe how our users use our site, "cookies (cookies) 's may be used.

Cookie is data placed by Web servers to the users' PCs and used to identify user in case of visit of user to the site.

Information we collect from our users is not an individual nature and they may be a number of other information related to the individual information.

How we use?
DeskGate uses information collected via Web Site to reach users for product and services offered by DeskGate and the other conractual solution partners and to inform the users about such product and services.In addition, DeskGate may use this information collected via Web Site to increase site efficiency under the scope of R&D, marketing, advertising and sales and to strengthen its relations with its users.

Explanation and Sharing of the information
DeskGate may share information it has collected from the users in the direction of the above-mentioned purposes with other reliable solution partners. In addition, it may explain a number of anonymous (non-personal nature) information based on information we collect from our users to their investors and potential partners.Finally, DeskGate may transfer information it has collected from our users on sales, transfer, delivery process that may arise as a result of any change.

Protection of Integrity of Information
Any variety of information found in our system and of our users is protected with high security measures. On this issue, DeskGate does its best and does not accept any responsibility for the protection of the integrity of information.

You may forward your questions related to our privacy policy to by using DeskGate e-mail address. DeskGate reserves the right to make change from time to time on its privacy policy.