DesktopGate Installation
DesktopGate consists of three modules. Each of these modules must be installed on the appropriate computers.
To install the following DesktopGate modules, you must have administrator privileges on the computer.
DesktopGate Server
Server Module
DesktopGate provides secure communication of the manager applications and DesktopGate Servers.

This program must be installed on a server in the office.
DesktopGate Server consists of two modules.

•DesktopGate Server service
•DesktopGate Server Admin application

Service Module
DesktopGate Server Module waits for client connectisons by operating in the background and routes as necessary.
If you want to enable access to office outside by admins, do not forget to activate routing function through your modem to the DesktopGate server port (Default port: 6677 ).
Optionally, you can specify your port address as a different port.
  Manager Module/strong>
DesktopGate Server is a system application operating in the background. There is no interface to set directly.
You can start and stop this service with DesktopGate Server Manager program installed together with the service application and make necessary adjustments.
DesktopGate Client
DesktopGate Clients are service applications allowing administrators to provide authority the PC's after the elements are installed to the PC's.
DesktopGate Client module must be installed on the PC's of the elements, which are wanted to be monitored.
administrators access with full authority to computers, in which this module has been already installed .
To allow access, PC's in which client module has been already installed, must know IP or DNS address of the server.
DesktopGate Admin
DesktopGate Administrator is a software required to monitor the employees by means of connecting to the Desktop Gate Server.
It should be installed on the admin computers.
Each admin should have an admin account crated with a Desktop Gate Manager application.
DesktopGate allows one or more administrators to be able to access simultaneously pc's of the elements inside or outside the office.