Frequently Asked Questions

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DesktopGate - Frequently Asked Questions
Does DesktopGate reads the records of our firm?
No. All records are stored in the database on your server thanks to the server software that will be supplied to you with DesktopGate.
The proprietary information and records may not be delivered in an unauthorized way to a location apart from the DesktopGate server for any reason. .
Please refer to our Confidentiality Principles section for more detailed information.
Does the use of more than one system source (CPU, RAM) on the computers of DesktopGate employees cause deceleration?
DesktopGate used as low CPU and RAM values as possible, understanding its effect on the system in modern computers is almost impossible.
If no admin connected to the screen of the employee is available at that time, then less sistem source is used.
Which type licence should be bought?
DesktopGate licensing options vary according to the number of the personnel you want to monitor in your firm.
It is not possible to monitor more computers than the number allowed by the obtianed licence.
A client licence is supplied with each package and it is impossible to transfer it to another computer after the licensing is performed. .
Client and admin software, on the other hand, can be installed You can make contact with us in order to receive information about the licensing options and relevant prices.
What is your reimbursement policy?
Please make sure that you test the software by means of downloading a free demo version prior to buying.
Can we receive technical support after the licensing process?
Firm information
What will be the version updates?
We perform developments on your software on a constant basis.
Therefore, relevant updates are frequently published.
Regitered users can obtain major updates free of charge within 6 months following their buying.
Small scaled updates, on the other hand, will always be free for our registered users.